‘There’s nothing new under the sun’ is probably the world’s most frequently told lie, mostly told by people who cannot see too far into the future. For creative thinkers and people who are able to see through the chaos of the 21st century, there is always something new under the sun, a lot I must say.

Just to give you a heads-up, I have put together a few new trends which will take over the markets of the city of tamale in the coming century; there are new things under the honey-comb yellow scorching Tamale sun after all.

Beard Oils Moisturizers and Beard Balms Business

The war between younger men and the razors/shaving blades is at an all time high, and the growing of beard is becoming the license to the table of men – The Beard Gang. Keeping beard requires a lot of attention and ‘hair-di-cure’ . Thus a demand for hair products for men just got bigger.


Ride on the quest for masculinity by becoming the supplier of hair products for men within the city and you damn sure are in good business. Be the first to sell special oils that promise to turn men’s dry whiskers into sweet smelling beards or build a grooming brand that only treats and trims beard, and you might be the next millionaire on the block.

Home Tutoring / Special Classes

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The fall in educational standards, coupled with the quest for wealthy parents to provide quality education for their beloved kids and marred by the introduction of shifts/tracks in second cycle schools seems to make quality education now a sought after commodity.

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Starting a Prestige Home Senior High Classes with a higher tuition standards might just be the magic wand. Put the rich kids under the same roof and pay the best teachers to teach them. Quite difficult to run but that’s what business is all about, take risks!

Food Truck

Food always wins talk! That is true, but the talk surely ends when you have to leave your comfort zone to go get food from a different suburb. So anyone who can shorten the distance between the hungry man and his favorite food would actually win the talk.

Put good food on tyres by starting a restaurant on wheels that drives pass schools, hospitals offices, churches and public vicinity and the biggest of all, be present at events and let’s see how cool and lucrative that will look like. You should have a well-decorated truck, a built in kitchen, a creative menu, licenses and of course, great delicacies to reach out to a large audience. Mobile food business in Tamale would be one an infinite hit! Talk to Zaabuni when you set up

Fruit Juice Stands

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Weight gain was the new problem of the past decade, and people have become utterly concerned about the food they eat but more importantly how many times they eat. This has caused a spike in appetite for low keto diets and lean meals, so what is more healthy that a natural fruit drink for lunch.

Pick the fruits, squeeze the juice out into a beautifully branded disposable cup and put a straw through the hole. Sooner than later you would be serving lunch to a queue of pot bellied and weighty people who are on a mission to lose weight. Just be a the right place, the right time is now.

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Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

It’s the beginning of a new decade and with it comes fierce competition in the already crowded businesses categories that exist. And the drop in the entry curves to most of the existing businesses is making it even easier with any Tom, Dick and Harry to invade your business niche without respect, hence the need to always be on the lookout for glimmers of opportunity when the sparkle.
Take opportunity of the above mentioned ideas and be the next big thing to happen in the city.

Atayure Anita, Zaabuni Digital Media.

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