3 Reasons Why Your Workers Need To Know The Mission And Vision Of Your Company

3 Reasons Why Your Workers Need To Know The Mission And Vision Of Your Company

Melcom, Ghana’s Largest Chain of Retail Shops was established in Ghana as far back as 1929 with a very simple Mission. “To be the preferred shopping destination for our customers“. And to achieve this, their second mission was “To put a variety of goods and products under one roof“.

The owners of Melcom set out with a clear vision in mind “To become Ghana’s Largest Retail Chain“. This clearly stated vision has led the company through its Glamour Days at CBD to the giant multifaceted enterprise it is today.

The point to note from the above is that though Melcom’s success may have come from a host of several factors, their clearly stated and well-communicated and constantly reiterated mission and vision has guided their actions and steps throughout their journey. Not only has it guided the top management in decision making, but it has also put every one of their employees from HR to retail cashiers on the same page.

Mission, Vision, Objectives! To most people, these are just normal everyday English words and most founders and small business owners do not bother to define these variables. The few who do, do not take the pain to implement measures that ensure that anyone who works within the company knows why the company exists and where the company is going to.

For your small business or startup to truly realise its vision, your employees need to be able to align their actions and execution of their duties with the Vision of the company. By clearly communicating these variables, your employees are able to connect with and understand the existence and mandate of the company.

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Below are three reasons why your employees need to get a lucid picture of the why, where and how of your company.

1. Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity

Without knowing why your company exists, your employees are 70% more likely to work for the money than to work for a cause. An employee who understands the mission of the company comes to work every day knowing that his/her individual actions are contributing to the achievement of a specific goal or missions. This immediately becomes a reason for the employee to go the extra mile to diligently carry out their assigned tasks without relenting on their efforts.

These employees with a clear understanding of the Mission would communicate the same to your customers both verbally and through their actions. And the dedication to duty results in increased productivity.

2. Know When Middle Management Is Veering Off

There is a big chance you as business leader/owner would not always be around and you would engage middle management to supervise junior employees during work hours. Middle managers are human and are likely to sanction activities or take decisions that do not align with the mission or vision of the company.

What happens when the junior employees do not know that they are being misled by the middle managers. The result is that they would blindly follow the manager until one fine afternoon you finally realise that your company no longer lives up to its Mission. Checkmate!

3. Confidence in Representing The Company

Imagine a potential partner, an investor or even an every day customer walks into your company and asks your receptionist; “What is your Company’s Mission?“. And the response is an unending silence.

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When your employees know these fundamental guidelines of your company, they are able to represent your company whenever the need arises and are in the position to clearly engage in your clients and partners. They are also able to market the company better if these variables are well communicated.

An employee with a better understanding of your vision and the mission statement of your company perfectly aligns with the company and connects at a different level than one who doesn’t.

Abdul-Moomin Shahabdeen, Zaabuni Digital Media

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