About Us

Who we are?

Zaabuni Digital Media is a vertical hoisted under Kindred Technologies, a software development company committed to delivering software and application development services closer to the people within its catchment area and beyond.
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Devoted to turning unknown businesses into famous brands, Zaabuni Digital Media is a three-tier Digital Marketing/Advertising Agency split into Zaabuni Listing, Zaabuni Media and Zaabuni Digital Advertisement.

Zaabuni Listing is a Business Directory Website comprising businesses within the city of Tamale; both small and big, giving an online presence to those who never existed on the internet and turning the volume-on on those already existing online, so that their online customer-base can contact them. Thus creating a singular platform where any business within Tamale can be contacted directly from a single window.

Our drive to put the spotlight on budding businesses and entrepreneurs to push them up the ladder of growth, all businesses are listed free as Emerging Businesses, a plan under which the basic information needed to contact any of our recognized businesses is readily available; Phone Number, Location and Business Name.

Businesses that are satisfied by our services are free to ask for an upgraded package; Essential or Enterprise where more information and elaborate and precise descriptions are added to their listing information.

Would you rather not list with us?

Over 100 People pass through our website everyday, why don't you bring your business to them!