Best Places To Get Beautiful Northern Smocks In Tamale

Best Places To Get Beautiful Northern Smocks In Tamale

The Northern Smock, the most distinctive dress of the Savannah and Ghana’s second traditional attire has won its place in the hearts of a large cross-ethnic section of Ghana and the perfect take along for foreigners who come visiting. Popularly referred to as fugu, the smock immediately gives an identity or a sense of belonging to those who relish it as a garment.

For a prime and significant attire like the fugu that confers identity, purchasing or owning one shouldn’t be too difficult without comprising quality and losing to cost. As a market researcher, let me lead you to recognized and dependable brands that have made their marks in producing Quality yet Affordable Fugu Attires for all patrons of the relic. Whilst they are tons of smock producers in the city the undermentioned come up on our top-picks radar and are highly recommended.


Alhaji Criss Smocks Photo Credit facebook

Inarguably the largest smock shop in the city, Alhaji Criss has carved a niche for himself as an experienced smock designer. Picking the best patterns, he herds the production line from the yarns to the looms and finally to his production station where his experienced mind and hands put the best pieces of materials together into a great finish.

He is amongst the few who pioneered the smock-weaving business in Tamale and out of sheer generosity, he has taught and passed out countless apprentices under his able hands. He boasts of selling variants of custom-woven smocks for males. One of the reasons why he is the top favorite is because of his reasons to carry the traditions and attention to details in his fabrics.

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Tahiru Fabulous Photo Credit Google

Master Tahiru passes as another pioneer in the smock-weaving industry but stands out when the mention of trying to brand the smock material and make it appealing not only to the indigenous smock users but also to the many others who pass through the city. With an intuitive business mind and a legendary tactic in creating something out of nothing, he drives all the way to the hinterlands, in his well-branded pickup, to hand-pick the best of the best yarn combinations and then employs dedicated and careful hands to stitch every piece together into the beautiful garment that it is.

Is it any wonder then that you cant help but notice his beautifully finished smocks when driving along the sakasaka road? Obviously no wonder.


Navro Clothline Photo Credit facebook

It was all raw until a young enterprising university graduate decided to change the narrative and  revolutionize the smock fabric. Making waves in the region’s media and beyond, on front pages of digital and print media, Abi Christian has made a strive in turning the conventional occasion-based smock into an any-day-everyday brand that people can identify with.

Creating unique hand-woven designs that both males and females can wear either for official or informal settings, his works have been graced by most fashion-forward individuals in Tamale. Rightly so because his outfits most certainly stand out in the richness, elegance and intricacies of traditional embroidery. Rock his A class smock designs for your Friday prayers, when visiting in-laws, social or political gatherings and you’d be the man with the most compliments.



Humble King Smock Fashion Photo Credit facebook

Inusah Sualisu, lead fashion designer at Humbly King Smock and Fashion Design Company is another force to reckon with in the smock industry, going out against all odds to blend culture with fashion, he comes off as a talented smock designer, entrepreneur and fashion advocate. He is no stranger at all when it comes to intricately sewing and designing flamboyant smock attires for both men and women with passion. He is Unafraid and unapologetic about marring multiple threads of different colors and blending modern with old age patterns to create exquisite smock pieces.


Smocky World Photo Credit facebook

Daring and Determined, Ms Gertrude, a formidable female entrepreneur has broken the rule! Smock-making isn’t a men’s thing after all. Focusing on versatility without compromising its heritage, Smocky World deserves the dues for changing the conversation of boring one-way smock designs into modern custom-made styles of apparel from the same mock fabric into jumpsuits, dress, kimono’s, trousers and dress gowns.

Grabbing the attention of both local and foreign fashion lovers in to her brand and introducing youthful presence into the industry. Smocky runs good discount sales from time to time. So if you are looking out a place blends modern designs and traditions with fashion innovations, go knocking the door at Smocky’s world.

Smock Savannah

Smock Savannah Photo Credit facebook

These guys at smock Savanah are originally inspired by the traditional methods and at the same time experimenting with new colors and patterns in producing comfortable pieces. Thanks to smock Savannah, you can equally purchase both the northern fabric and ready-made smock collections. As the festive season is upon us seize the opportunity to purchase from smock savannah. AT the helm OF ALL THE smock Production AND delivery the SS brand is into, they bottom-line seek to promote the creative art industry in Ghana.

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Smock fashion world is literally the next big thing in Tamale. Matter-fact, it is already a big thing truly keeping the northern legacy alive. We duff our hats to all of the producers mentioned and unmentioned who are stopping at nothing to modernizing the smock such that everyone can wear it. They keep pushing and breaking the boundaries and they just won’t stop!!

By Anita Atayure, Zaabuni Digital Media

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