Choose Work Ethic Over Skill, Hiring Advice To Small Business Entrepreneurs

Choose Work Ethic Over Skill, Hiring Advice To Small Business Entrepreneurs

If you have ever had the experience of working with someone who consistently has given off the impression that they didn’t care about your business, then you probably have an idea of what it means to work with someone with a poor work ethic.

Entrepreneurship thrives on providing value to your customers, thereby putting your customers’ needs first before yours. Indirectly, putting your customers first also means putting your business first before your personal interests and needs.

Most entrepreneurs however have suffered the unfortunate experience of hiring the wrong employees. Employees who have the right skill they need for the growth of their business, but do not possess the right mindset to unleash their full potential for the growth of the business. Before you hire your next set of employees, here are four (4) things to expect if you do not prioritize “A Strong Work Ethic“.

1. Flimsy Excuses

As a small business owner interacting with other business owners, I have come to learn that the biggest headache for most entrepreneurs is an unending chain of excuses. This cuts across from excused lateness to excused absenteeism.

It does not matter how good an employee is, if he/she cannot commit to coming to work every day and on time, they just aren’t good for you.

They are the toxic elements that begin the chain of bad customer experiences. Customer’s either get disappointed because they have to wait for long hours to get their service, or go and come another day because your employee didn’t show up to work.

2. Laziness and Low Productivity

Laziness and a sheer unwillingness to put in the right amount of effort can make you curse yourself for starting your business in the first place. Employees with a poor work ethic have no sense of urgency, and time has little or no value. As a result, they execute assigned duties at their own slow pace.

Most customers stop doing business with you largely not because of quality, but mostly based on a bad experience working with your company. Time, Quality and Value for money become things you cannot promise your customers.

3. Frowned Faces And Rude Customer Approach

People with poor work ethics hardly find pleasure in the job. Due to the lack of pleasure, they either appear frustrated or angry all the time. Anger and resentment of the job translate into an uncheerful face and a ready-to-eat-my-customer face

Your customers would not feel welcome at your workplace and the result would be a high customer attrition rate.

4. They Are Always Are War With Other Employees

Finally, after all the damage is done, they take it out on other employees. Whining, Grudging, Bickering and worst case scenarios Physical Fights are the departing gifts they leave at the workplace.

Poor work ethic sadly is a personal deficiency and mostly has very little to do with the workplace environment. So when hiring your next employee, make a checklist for assessing the work ethic of your candidates before you sign their appointment letter.

It would save you a terrible experience working with them.

Abdul-Moomin Shahabdeen, Zaabuni Digital Media

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