COVID19 -Photographers Get More Creative As  Ban On Public Gatherings Threaten Business

COVID19 -Photographers Get More Creative As Ban On Public Gatherings Threaten Business

Digital Photography was at an all-time high at the close of 2019, until early 2020 when the deadly coronavirus reared its ugly head. Wedding ceremonies and other public events such as naming ceremonies and funeral celebrations became avenues for cashing in by photographers with every Sunday becoming Pay-Day for the cameras.

The Novel Corona Virus (nCOVID-19) has proven to be no discriminator of persons as it has threatened every industry across the world. From aviation through banking to small and medium scale enterprises and photography as an SME has not been spared the ordeal. With social distancing becoming a preventive measure, the Government Of Ghana had to place a ban on public gatherings which included weddings, the major cash-cow of the photography industry.

Most weddings had to be postponed and funeral celebrations are being held privately, hence temporarily disabling the photography industry. However, as creative as they are, most photographers have taken to very innovative ways to keep their social media pages active and also demonstrate their versatility to potential clients.

Story Telling

Some photographers have kept their lenses active by telling the corona story through following activities such as spraying/disinfection and Civic education carried out by stakeholders as they execute their duties to battle the virus spread.


Education and Awareness Creation

Others are also contributing to the fight against the virus through short videos and model shoots dressed in nose masks, gloves and other PPEs as a way of educating the public on how to protect themselves against the deadly pandemic. Another group of photographers have taken to ease the tensions of the virus by taking rare and beautiful weather pictures and other scenery across the country.

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Missing Out

Curiously searching, we still haven’t spotted a single photographer incorporating VR Photography to provide 360-degree Panoramic views of scenes and other tourist sites with the tourism industry taking a hit.

Hopefully though, in the not too distant future, we shall see a lot more innovation hitting the photography industry. Until then, enjoy the shots from our outstanding photographers in the city.

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