Are You A Pizza Fan? Check Out These Five(5) Great Pizzerias In Tamale.

Are You A Pizza Fan? Check Out These Five(5) Great Pizzerias In Tamale.

Once upon a time, it was considered difficult or near impossible to find pizzas in Tamale. 

Few years down the line, if you are still skeptical and are tempted to think that it’s absolutely hard to find delicious freshly baked pizzas in Tamale, well then Hello Thomas! Welcome to the new Tamale! 

I’ve got great news for all the pizzaholics, pizzaterians and pizza lovers! By cherry picking, here are some of the great Pizzerias in Tamale as per Italian standards for you.

There are quite a number of them but here are my top five. Truly Pizzas are addictive, tasty and heartwarming to eat as said by Kevin James “there is really no better feeling than a warm pizza box on your lap”


 You haven’t truly experienced pizza until you taste the ones prepared at Tacorabama. After tasting their pizza you will truly understand that yes!!There is pizza and there is pizza. The joint championed by an amazing abled woman and her other dedicated pizza smiths have been pioneering pizzas’ since the days with their good pizza baking know-how , layering just the perfect amounts  of toppings of sausages, slices, meats, meat balls, and so on .

They outsource all quality ingredients and (ingredients by the way is crucial) for tasty pizza’s and make sure each layer is exquisitely prepared and perfected. In Tamale here, when people mention the name Tacorabama it’s their pizza they are actually talking about. Come hungry and let them win you over with just a slice of their 10 inches chicken bacon or pepperoni pizza.  It’s not even up for a debate, Tacorabama Is The Pizza Paradise!


Is a much hyped pizza joint in Tamale so undoubtedly they seem to have the cheesiest pizza’s in the city. Spicy, sweet and cheesy sprinkled with lots of goodies and at affordable prices, perfect for home delivery if you want to take your bites from the comforts of your home. They are a home to serving several other dishes but soon, are becoming triumphant in reputation for their pizzas.

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Thoroughly baked generously sized pizzas seasoned with your favorite toppings. Get ready to get your hands greasy, feel the compelling smells and drip over their pizza the crust, the toppings, the sauce, as there is nothing basic about their pizza.


Whoever said pizzas are overrated obviously has not tasted the ones prepared at Chucks Restaurant and Bar. Chucks operates authentically as restaurant serving full course meals and drinks.  But guess what? They seem to have the best pizzas in town as per ratings and of course their pizza menu comes with a little bit of everything.

Trust me you will be absolutely spoilt for choices with varieties like pepperoni passion pizza, chicken-delight pizza, magherita pizza, with family size and combo.  I am yet to meet someone who will say no to pizza, not when it has got chucks heavenly baking and garnishing signature style to it. It’s yes, yes and yes always.


At the Oasis Lounge, Bar and Restaurant, their Pizza bakers and waitresses are amazing and they simply know what they are doing which is primarily evident in their perfectly baked pizzas. They know how to get it right with their various choices of pizzas with topping of extra cheese , green ball peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, bacon, sausages  they will have you rolling up your sleeves to devour every bit of the slices on your plate

It just your wannabe Italian Pizza restaurant suitable for a pizza date. Keep calm and let them serve you. Eat the pizza with your hands, it tastes better that way.



It’s always a pizza o’clock at Zebra‘s. They seem to be one of the pizzerias you probably didn’t know existed in Tamale somewhere in front of Mel com shopping Center. . To the real die-hard pizza fans, they bet that it’s currently the best pizza joint in Tamale despite their short span of existence.

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These guys although are an up and coming pizza operating joint are already earning the hype as Tamale most regal pizza joint. Their pizzas are fully loaded and generously layered with cheese and other mouthwatering goodies. The good thing it’s that they are actually worth the hype as per the word on the street. After all this, wouldn’t you love their pizza? No way!!

Tamale is fast becoming a diverse place for whatever dining choices including the pie shaped Italian delicacy and sure enough from the above you can frankly tell that we also have the best pizzas in the country. You could even go ahead to pretend yet again that you are in the real Italy itself with the top notch pizza experiences they give you.  And since I have not yet met anyone who doesn’t love pizza that much, I can say its Luckier for us all we have the above alternatives to choose from and oh it’s not Pizza it’s pronounced (Peetsa) ‘peet-suh’

Anita Atayure, Zaabuni digital media.

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