Friday Night In Tamale, Five Great Places To Start The Weekend

Friday Night In Tamale, Five Great Places To Start The Weekend

The sun just set and I know you’re not sleeping yet, heck! It’s a pay day Friday and you’ve probably just given up the idea of where to kick start your weekend life, check out the hottest night life locations you’d be missing out on in Tamale:


Night Life at Chucks Restaurant. Picture credit

Located alongside the Mariam Hotel Road-Agric Ridge, this place is the beacon of hope for all who crave hanging out in an expensive, outer atmosphere garden-like setting and not the typical in room hangout space. You’d be grateful for their perfectly selected food and drink choices particularly priding themselves in having the best Pizza and Brew pub in Tamale.

They always have something going on in there, thus never a dull moment at CHUCKS. A great venue to get away from the stress of life, dine with both expats and indigenes, socialize with people from the best cross-section of the city. Generally just a place for people young at heart. So without any further spoiler alerts you should check them out for yourself


OASIS Lounge Restaurant and Bar. Picture credit

It just feels right to say that they are the discreet yet hottest hangout In the Metropolis nestled somewhere in Gumani Rice city. The decoration as far as we are all concerned is ridiculously lit ,a carefully thought out, detailed and well-planned inside and outside eating space with a roof-top sit out. Altogether, the food is hot , its not exaggerating to even say that their waitresses are the most well trained in the city , their milkshakes and food prices definitely worth the price tags.

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If you want to sip that vanilla milk shake, chew that chichinga (kebab), booze over alcohol, sit on their home like infused sofa to eat your fufu and other Ghanaian delicacies well well and well, you ‘d be at the right destination, OASIS. Rejuvenate for a great week ahead, Oasis! Oasis! Oasis! They pull of the name O-A-S-I-S so well.


Gidipas Full View. Picture credit

On main Tamale town street a few meters ahead the Taxi rank, this is the number one real chill roof top spot for an easy breezy Friday night. It’s also the place where you come and pretend that it’s the real sky dining experience in Dubai or some place in Europe.

You’d feel on top of the world, enjoying the breeze and having access to the night town feel, Gidipass is exactly where you need to pass the Friday night in the city. The music, screen shows, vibes and ambiance is not disappointing in the least. Enough said already, don’t think too much, pass by GIDIPASS


Favour Restaurant And Bar. Picture credit

They can do you no wrong when you happen to be scouting for a cool place on that Friday night. A good hangout would definitely include good food so give their grilled tilapia fish a shot, it’s mouthwatering.

The Friday Night Live Band show is entertaining and relieving. Perfect spot for meet up and drink up with one or two or more buddies. Their staff are amazing, Chatting with a few of them, could make you forget your problems for a while. It’s not just a Friday, its A FRI-YAY AT FAVOUR RESTAURANT~

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Night Life at Dons Pub. Picture credit NKOA

Start your weekend on a high note at Dons pub, Dreams Night club. You could even go VIP it’s much better than the ordinary arena. .Mainstream music is a good blend of Hip hop, Rand B, Afro beats, dance-hall and so on selected by the best DJ’S in town who are experts at keeping the crowd engaged with a very fun but mature group of people.

Without giving out too much, hang out there I’d be waiting for your testimony. You’d be having a blast for sure!!!

There are other great places to ignite the weekend, but these are out top picks for the month. Go out there and have fun, Live and Love. Its Friyaaaay

By Anita Atayure – Zaabuni Digital Media

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