"Inbox Me For Details/Price", How Small Retailers Are Turning Customers Away

“Inbox Me For Details/Price”, How Small Retailers Are Turning Customers Away

The sole purpose of a retail advertisement is to give customers enough information about your products so as to get them to purchase it and not to turn prospects away.

It is not in a customer’s interest to know your product’s details or to dig for it. It is in your business’s interest to make this information readily available.

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One of the poorest yet widely used marketing strategy by most small business owners is to display pictures of their products and then ask interested people to follow them into their DM or inbox if they want to know the prices or further details.

As much as this seems to drive more interested persons into your DM, many others are equally passing by because they are too busy to come into your DM or are quickly turned off by your unwillingness to display prices.

This is common practice amongst B2C startups selling small wares such as ladies clothes, men’s shoes, handbags and other retail items. Your goal as a retailer is to make the sale, however here are four reasons your sales aren’t spiking.

1. Nobody Wants To Pay More

If there aren’t selling at different prices to different people, why are they hiding their prices?“.

It is amazing the deductions customers make from seller behaviour. No matter how much money your customer has, they would not want to be ripped off into paying more that the other person would pay for the same product.

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Such a customer would not even take a second look at your product if they welcome such a thought. And I can assure you that many people think this way, and you are constantly turning them away.

2. You Are A Middle Man

If they aren’t quoting prices, maybe they are not the main retailer. They are just middle men“.

Your customers may also conclude that you are not providing enough information simply because you don’t own the product. And if you do not own the product perhaps you are padding the prices and making outrageous cuts on sales.

3. Customers Really Do Not Have Time

Why should I come into your inbox just to know the price? I don’t have time“.

People surfing the internet who are likely to come across your advertisement may not have come actively looking for your product. They only saw it by chance and so whether or not they are interested depends on three things; Appearance, Quality/Function and Price.

Developing interest in your product is influenced by all three. Without Price, the beauty of the dress you are advertisement does not matter.

4. Your Friends and Network Cannot Market You

How much does it cost? I dont know, it is for a friend. Call the number on the product“.

How many times have you shared a friend’s product and then you have to answer further questions which you have no answers to? Well nothing can be more frustrating that being asked questions you can’t answer hence I would rather not share.

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In all of these, you may be smartly selling at different prices to different people and making marginal profits or offering small discounts but you are doing your business a great disservice and turning majority of your prospects away. Display the price, offer discounts and let the customer make their choice.

Abdul-Moomin Shahabdeen, Zaabuni Digital Media

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