Jolad's Cafe Valentine Dinner Night

Jolad’s Cafe Valentine Dinner Night

Valentine’s day is only a few days away, and you are probably looking for a place to celebrate that special someone. Or maybe you have been living in the friend zone for long and you are looking for that perfect moment to bend the knee to the Queen. That perfect day is coming.

For a day this special wouldn’t you rather wanna be a place where the atmosphere has been setup already for the purpose? Well, I have done the thinking for you; Jolad’s Café!

Jola’s Café is painting their walls with love, and preparing tables for two, just for you, and when she finally says ‘I Do’, there would be the right music to dance to, the right food to fill your belly and then a beautiful memory to take home. There would be showers of love and lots of positivity in the air. For the love birds also looking to renew their love or upgrade to version 2.0, Jolad’s Café got you covered.

Dress-code of Red, Black or White and you are welcome to the Lover’s Lounge. Its not going to be all food, there’ll be games for two such as Blind Dates, It Takes Two and an Open dance. And lots of musical performances to dance to.

Take your memories home with the photo-shoot and red-carpet session.

2020 is a new decade so ditch the normal, be spontaneous enough to follow your heart all the way to Jolad’s Café this valentine. You might be anti- valentine but I could bet on your life that Jolad’s Café is sure to knock you over with a feather. Begin the decade with love, you’d be drunk in looove!!! This event is It is a must be at!!! It’s going to be a valentine to remember!!

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Jolad’s café wishes you a happy valentine in advance!

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