Mba Yahaya - The Guinea Fowl King Of Tamale

Mba Yahaya – The Guinea Fowl King Of Tamale

If entrepreneurship is simply the art of converting opportunities into profitable businesses that employ other people, then Mba Yahaya has distinguished himself as one of Tamale’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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The guinea fowl is considered a prime and significant bird in the northern cultures of the upper regions of Ghana. It is the welcome protein served to visitors on the first day or days of arrival. It is safe to say then that the guinea fowl is The Welcome Bird.

Against the above-mentioned significance together with a growing recommendation by dieticians as being a very healthy lean meat with less fat, Mba Yahaya took to serving grilled guinea fowl meat for sale.

Sourcing The Live Birds

Scouting for the birds from remote villages where the farmers only reared for subsistence provided an opportunity to buy low, process and then sell high.

He and his lieutenants would comb the length and breadth of the peripheries of Tamale to buy live guinea fowls, thereby providing a ready market for the rural folk who hitherto could not find a viable market for the birds. A Ready Market meant indirect employment and a motivation to read more.

The Process – The Magic Grill

The slaughtered and de-feathered birds are then processed under very hygienic conditions and are cured before the grilling begins.

The fireplace, the Barbecue stand, that is where the magic happens. It is still unclear whether The Man makes the taste, or The Taste makes the man. But be that as it may, the taste of Mba Yahaya’s grilled meat is unique compared to all other grilled Guinea Fowl Stands within and outside Tamale. So unique that it is the litmus test question for people who claim to have visited Tamale before.

The Dressing – The Kill Shot

The grilled meat is then chopped into pieces and garnished with powdered spice sprinkles and lots of onion.

Whilst his peers were wrapping the spiced meat in cement paper and leaf wraps, this daring man chose to use disposable packs. He set the pace for the trend now practised by other BBQ stands in Tamale.

This cumulatively turned his BBQ stand into a formidable Brand; Mba Yahaya Guinea Fowl. He has created a value chain that has engaged himself and other young men who gracefully serve by the fireside.

That is a mark of true entrepreneurship! See the opportunity and go for it. If you haven’t tried this tasty Brand, you might want to place your order the next time you are in Tamale.

Abdul-Moomin Shahabdeen, Zaabuni Digital Media

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