Preparing For The Harmattan In Tamale? Three(3) Things To Consider As A Lady.

Preparing For The Harmattan In Tamale? Three(3) Things To Consider As A Lady.

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It’s that time of the year, when smiles become expensive and taking early morning baths is but a tragedy. The season when cracked heels pull of bed-sheets and white patches decorate elbows. Gladly, it is also the season where clothes dry 30 minutes after washing, it isn’t doomsday after all. Welcome to the Harmattan!

With no respect to person, color or creed,lips are going to crack, elbows will suffer looking ashy, people would look whitish 15 seconds after bathing and may remain so for the remainder of the day if the right measures are not put in place. The soles of feet will crack, skins will peel and wear off , noses will bleed, the cold and everything will be harsh and rough.

This isn’t an exaggeration at all, but a statement of reality well defined. To get you prepared and ready for all this harshness, I have put together a few tips which if followed, I guarantee you that you are going to smile your way through the harmattan till the rains come again – but sadly these tips are one-sided; to the feminine side.


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Generally, water is life they say. But in the harmattan, I say, water is survival! Aside being an essential component in keeping your internal organs working, water would be your giant savior! Keeping your skin hydrated and moist. Truth is you are going to lose a great amount of water to the heat and the dryness, and the result is the paleness and whitish dry skin that you would be experiencing.

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Hence, is order to prevent this from happening, I recommend you drink plenty of water. Water would you keep the inside of you hydrated for a better reflection on the outside. Absolutely without questions, water works as a perfect detox for your skin. Stay hydrated by increasing your intake of water to at least six (6) sachets of filtered water equivalent to 3ltrs.

How about going a step further to replace all your carbonated Coca-Cola and Fanta type of drinks with just water? Because of the dryness and unmerciful nature of the Scorching sun, water should be your companion throughout the day. Sip your teas, eat your watermelon, take in fruits, and drink your coconut water and all. OPT for ordinary pipe borne water if you cannot afford the bottled and sachet ones. Ladies be reminded again to drink lots of water and mind your business. Just Drink!


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Honest truth is that the harmattan won’t be very friendly to your skin most especially your lips and your scalp, they won’t be forgiven! Keeping your lip balm and other oily essentials in close proximity is already not new thing for us ladies, harmattan or no harmattan. Ladies consider their lip balm a necessity, a must have item in your hand bag.

Keep it up for the harmattan, you would however need more than just that! For your skin, lips and hair, I can promise you that Almighty Shea butter will have you looking flawless if you would take in the effort to consistently moisturize. Skipping to do that could have you looking dry and, ghostly and trust me that is not cute at all.

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Save yourself the embarrassment and moisturize every part of your skin on a daily basis. Your everyday Nivea, Vaseline, cocoa butter will not be enough you need to top it up with baby oils, hand oils ,petroleum jelly .… just use Shea butter ( raw or refined )



Who says you cannot dress to kill it in THE SEASON OF harmattan? I know it’s frustrating that you cannot be in that favorite attire because of the weather but then the more you cover, the better for you. It’s quite a confusing season as it gets chilly cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and then back to cold at night.

Strategically Invest in long sleeves, turtle neck blouses, head wraps, hoodies, palazzos, trousers, blazers, jackets, cardigans, in different colors and designs so that you can absolutely look chic. For the morning hours of the day. You could also add a few lose attires to your wardrobe during the afternoon times to relive yourself of the stress. As ladies It gets daunting at times as to how to dress appropriately in order not to be found wanting.

Keep your body warm, wear your sun glasses, were attires that show less skin. Glasses and face mask. Don’t worry the harmattan won’t take forever and you can be back to your everyday dress-codes.

The harmattan hits almost everywhere IN Ghana from December to April. Too bad that our region is most often hit with intense dryness and coldness, almost a nightmare. Once upon a time people didn’t really care about their looks during harmattan, these days as per our ladies code, you have to pre-plan for it. Don’t play around when it comes to your freshness. If there can be ‘hot girl summer’, then there can be ‘hot Girl harmattan’. In that sense, ladies and even gentlemen, try considering all the above and some other more, and I promise you can have that harmattan glow all year round.

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Anita Atayure, Zaabuni Digital Media.

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