Five(5) Reasons Why You Should List With Us.

Five(5) Reasons Why You Should List With Us.

Who We Are?

Zaabuni.Com is a Business Listing Platform populated with businesses within the city of Tamale; both small and big, providing an online presence to those who never existed on the internet and turning the volume-on on those already existing online, so that their online customer-base can contact them. Thus creating a singular platform where any business within Tamale can be found and contacted directly from a single window.

Our drive is to put the spotlight on budding businesses and entrepreneurs to push them up the ladder of growth, all businesses are listed free as Emerging Businesses, a plan under which the basic information needed to contact any of our recognized businesses is readily available; Phone Number, Location and Business Name.

In a world where comfort and convenience is becoming an ever growing need among customers, where statistically close to 79% of customers would  rather pull out their phones or laptops to conduct a quick search on Google about products and services before visiting the local store! A world where businesses are seeking to break the barriers  and build their structures beyond just brick and  mortar! Where digital content has become king and numbers speaks volume. It isn’t surprising then that number of likes or rating stars has become a measure of authenticity and reliability, distinguishing successful businesses from the unsuccessful ones.

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Being found on the internet has become the first step in gauging whether a business is verified and exists in reality or not. As of now you might know well and good that thanks to, over 120 businesses have been listed on our directory and verified to ascertain their authenticity.  In order to spearhead the online customer hemisphere, when customers conduct searches they need to be able to find you easily. Truth of the matter is that, the 21st century customer wants to access business not just on a normal 9-5 operating hours but rather on a 24/7 365 days in an any day and any time kind of way whether they already know about.

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We at zaabuni are the masters in helping your business access an around the clock operational service to your online audience.  For accessibility, we have listed your business location, and correct telephone numbers and other relevant information pertaining to your business  so that your existing and potential customers can reach you anytime thus helping to literally make your business omnipresent to your customers .

2. Marketing and sales

  1. It is no secret that almost every business exists with a solid aim of harnessing  huge sales  and  making profits in the long run. Thus marketing and  sales  is crucial to survival . In order to avoid winding up and running into bankruptcy issues after you have invested your hard earned cash, you ought to be apart of us. Telling the world about your existence is not a craft learnt in a day. Thankfully, nobody tells business stories better than we do at At very low costs, we send you to your potential customers and put your businesses above the noise when a search for your product or service is made. Thus helping to increase your revenue, lower your cost and grow your business to stay miles ahead of competition, list with us now. You need more than just photos and a fancy website.


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Truth is, not everyone knows about your business no matter how long you have already been in  existence  and even people who know about you easily forget at times. But then, people actually want to know about your business whether they will make immediate purchases or not. Trust me as a serious business that we believe you are already, relenting and being complacent in your efforts when it comes to your customers is the last thing you want to do.

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Fortunately, we at have the numbers, we have got over 1000 diverse monthly visitors passing through our website daily leaving reviews and frequently contacting us on said businesses registered with us.  List with us to enhance your visibility and boost your local search rankings. Make no mistake, both online and offline visibility is very necessary for the overall success of business and we trust that you don’t want to be lagging behind whilst everyone else is getting on the bandwagon of online success.


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With our motto being turning infamous businesses into known brands, it is truly no coincidence at all that we at sincerely have you and the image of your business at heart. As Champions of the game, you brand is safe with us. We cater to your brand lasting through our advertising packages, brand building offers and many more exciting packages tailored to suit each business differently. You need more than just word of mouth recommendations, you equally need reviews and online recommendations to establish and project a good image in the minds of your audience about you and your business.


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Our directory is a reliable site for all categories of reliable businesses and we work diligently to ensure that information is accurate and up to date. With our already established reputation, adding your business to us will be a plus to you , in being noticed easily. We are aware you are already on certain online platforms but that alone is not enough. Being accessible on every platform is the way to go . Just to be on a safer side, list with our directory today. We have comments and customer review sections to help people leave truthful comments about you. Prove that you mean business about what you do and take efforts to adding your business information to our business directory.

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In order to put your best foot forward always, listing with is more of a must than an option, its your best bet!

By Anita Atayure, Zaabuni Digital Media.

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