Seven Places To  Get  Yourself A Complementary card in Tamale

Seven Places To Get Yourself A Complementary card in Tamale

That awkward moment you are asked the question, “Can I have your Card? So that I can call you later” And you don’t have a business card to hand out, is probably the most embarrassing moment for any individual or business representative looking forward to widening their social/professional network.

To help you escape this humiliating moments while making your first impression count, I have handpicked the following masters of the craft when it comes to professional business cards design and other print products in Tamale.


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Probably the city’s most avid and authentic designer, incredibly good at conceptualizing and creating original designs of graphics of any sort giving his contenders a run for their money. SACKS is a consumer responsive, professional and innovative designer offering a uniquely wide selection of tasteful-themed designs for cards, posters and what not. Considering the way he is sometimes very expressive and unabashedly edgy with trying out vibrant colors, visuals, et cetera to create thought provoking yet enticing designs, it’s safe to say he deserves the top spot.


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Time-conscious, dedicated and customer-centered design and print house, AGL would pass as the city’s corporate designers, creating stunning, creative and yet professional designs for their top-notch clients. Equipped with state of the art printers makes them deliver on schedule. Fond of picking timeless designs and color popping hues for the printing of not just your complementary cards but other customized articles like t-shirts, caps, and calendars back packs, coffee mugs, and pens etc in small and large quantities across many specifications.

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In a world of a hundred and one thousand problems, your business card and others shouldn’t be one of them if you hit up 7 Graffix. He is more than just another average designer, known for being uncomfortable with the status quo, he is always exploring, evolving and recreating bold, expressive and punchy designs regardless. His works transcend printing, into graphic designing, web development, advertising, branding. They shout your imaginations.


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Let your brand come alive with NewEdge bringing your design vision to life. NewEdge is the perfect choice at designing and handling your card and other complex design problems legitimately catering to making sure that the correct details are printed and delivered. Simultaneously paying extraordinary attention to fine details whilst pushing the limits of design, they go above and beyond in the design space arena to give their clients nothing but the best


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The guys at iNEAT are radically changing the design world with very direct, easy to read, enticing and eye-catching designs that convey just the right message. More so, they are a part of the ones who are equally pushing the limits and forging new paths to create beautiful and readable designs for their clients in Tamale. With their works covering general printing, billboards, branding, graphic designing.


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Lancer is a maverick, a design guru and he is ultimately articulate in creating designs that exceed imagination. With an impressive portfolio up his sleeve you can confidently let him be your lead designer. With a firm grip on visual depth and the right pixels, the sky must really be his starting point. Logo design , complementary cards or any other creative work that requires the right hands, he is worth more than the hype and designs to inspire indeed!!!

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Old And Gold, Tuma Prestige is the undoubtedly amongst the longest standing design houses if not the longest standing design house. Time creates masters, the it is no doubt that Tuma Prestige has stood out from the competition when the mention of great design houses are made. Originality is increasingly becoming extinct, and Tuma undoubtedly has kept the traditions of creatives yet armed to the teeth with his ultra-modern and cutting-edge print and embroidery machines. There’s just no cutting of corners when Tuma Prestige takes up your contract.

In all creative needs, these design and print savvy guys and several others listed on our directory, have built an incredible portfolio for themselves when it comes to complementary cards and other facets of designs, and are earning their accolades as they should.

By Anita Atayure, Zaabuni Digital Media

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