Six (6) Things To Consider When Hiring Your First Employee

Six (6) Things To Consider When Hiring Your First Employee

One of the major assets of an organization is the people that it employs. It is often said that “the people in an organization are the glue that holds together the objectives and strategies of the organization”. Therefore a lot of consideration has to be factored when hiring an employee. It however depends on the core values, vision, and mission of the organization as well as what it does. Getting an employee who fits into the organizational culture is very challenging but once you are able to figure out all those things, everything will fall in place including increase in work place productivity. Here is a list of what to consider when hiring an employee.

Leadership skills

Employees who have leadership skills have the potential of running the organization well and can move up the ladder to top positions. They can equally train other members and or lead them. This boost productivity and work place sanity.

Organizational skills

Every employer wants an employee who is organized and knows when to do something. That makes them efficient and effective. This also boosts productivity as well as save the organization from a lot of stress especially when it comes to dealing with customers or clients.

Communication And Listening

Communication skills are also a key factor when hiring an employee. You need a person who can confidently express his or herself either in written form or verbal form. This can make a groundbreaking deal for you.

Good listeners are hard to come by. Such employees easily catch on to what they are told and act as directed. Such employees maintain good working relationship with both colleagues and customers. They are also able to build trust with clients thereby improving the output of the organization.

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An intelligent employee is gold to keep because he or she can connect with clients easily. The person needs to be able to connect either emotionally or socially with a client or customer and all these boils down to intelligence. They are also able to introduce new ideas and technologies. They are also able to effectively maintain customers and clients.

Honesty and Strong work ethics

An employee who is honest keeps the morale of the organization high. The person should be ambitious and hardworking too. They can be trusted with an organization’s confidential information. Though they can difficult tp come, there are still more of them and every company should endeavor to get one because, they are the ones who stick around for a long time.

Long term potential

Employee turnover is a loss to any organization because of the cost involved in training new employees. Therefore when hiring an employee, organizations should endeavor to get a person who is committed and has the potential of being with them for a long term.


Finally, all of the above mentioned values would amount to little or nothing if your employees are not passionate about the work they are assigned. Passion is the magic wand for a spike in productivity because given enough resources, passionate people produce exponential results; these are the people who just stick around to work just for the fun of it.

With this information, I wish you all the best in your next hire. I hope you keep this as a checklist during your interview process.

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By Issahaku Fatima, Zaabuni Digital Media

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