Tamale’s Wonder Women; Entrepreneurs Running Successful businesses in The City.

Tamale’s Wonder Women; Entrepreneurs Running Successful businesses in The City.

In friction with the age-old definitions and narratives, women these days are doing what they are supposed to do! Taking it right out of the kitchen to the corporate boardrooms, to the streets, and beyond. Day in and out, many women are taking over and dominating their respective domains, upping their game, beating the odds, living impacts, making money and unabashedly expanding their ventures. Once the underdogs in a male dominated entrepreneurial sphere, these women are coming for the top dogs spots. Howbeit, they stay humble while performing such wonders?

From the vegetable vendors in the central market, to the grain retailers of the Aboabo market and across the length and breadth of the city of Tamale, women are demonstrating resilience, intuition, assertiveness, compassion and love. Many have created their own tables in a city where women had no seats, and tagged others along. We honor the sweats and celebrate the endeavors of all female entrepreneurs in the city.

Below are four phenomenal kick-ass women who run their successful ventures and have made their marks in the city and beyond.


From a small table top food vendor to a multi-faceted food complex, the journey could not have been any tougher and harder! Starting as a popular food stand Fatawu Bicycle selling almost all the favorites from waakye to rice balls and a vast array of Ghanaian dishes, Fatawu Bicycle simply knew good food and was simply leveraging on that so well.

Entrepreneurship is about creating products cheaper to afford or convenient to get, Fatawu Bicycles combined both. Selling good food and relatively cheaper rates that almost everyone could afford. It’s no surprise THE SAWDA FOOD COMPLEX has stood the test of time, spearheading the fast food business at the grassroots with a loyal clientele base; we can’t help but give it up for this Mama.

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When the body can no longer contain the self, acquiring a new body becomes a necessity” and that is the mark of growth. Partially moving from the old venue to a location, a 2-storey she built from the humble task of feeding people for money, the customers followed her to the new location. Hajia has carved her space in the fast food industry in these Tamale streets and reinventing herself from time to time. Through her venture, she just like the others have employed and provided means of livelihood for several other young women under her wings, touching lives and extending it to other good things. To stress on the fact that she didn’t build this by playing it safe, Hajia stays ever hungry for more successes. She basically sleeps, lives, eats and breathes business. Hats Off To Hajia Sawda


De Shallot Eatery

Think of Fried Rice! Yes Fried rice! Once upon a time, this was a food that was alien to the people of city and most parts of the world. It came along with a perception that it was a food for the wealthy and affluent. It hence was a mark of accomplishment to be able to buy a pack of fried rice. Guess how much it meant then to be the one selling this prestigious food.

Starting a business is about identifying a niche, a need and providing a bridge to the gap. And that’s exactly what Ms Shallot proud owner of De shallot’s Eatery did. She took the risk to venture into the business in its early days and played solo until others joined the trade. Flexing her entrepreneurial muscles, she’s built this successful business single handedly, getting her head and hands in the game and employing a number of able- hands alongside and evolving severally until the big brand it is today and yet has kept the core value of the business holy; speed of service.

De shallots is a ultimate drop-by for your food needs and as of today and every other blessed day, this eatery serves lunch and dinner to a larger number of inhabitants. Shallots eatery is a fast food enterprise to be reckoned with. The woman behind it all, Ms Charlotte is definitely one of the finest food -preneurs in the Tamale. With her sort of determination and unrelenting spirit, she’s a true gunner!!!


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Tacorabama Pizza House

Madam Felicia of THE famed TACORAMAMA PIZZA HOUSE, RESTAURANT AND BAR has to be the foremost pizza smith in the city. Of all these pizzerias out there, she gets the most love and if you do take pizza and food seriously, she simply cannot be left out of the list. She is not just your typical food entrepreneur, she combines that with politics. Oh yes! She rises to the occasion.

Let’s call her the Quintessential Felicia Tacorabama. Her restaurant, is unquestionably a favorite place to eat all kinds of delicacies aside pizza, offering dine in, take away services and in- toto. Tacoramba however, just didn’t just become a household name overnight; she’s had her fair share of trials and tribulations along the way in building it into what it is today. It’s been twist and turns, but because of what she’s made of, she literally makes it look like a walk in the park. With Tacrobama recently opening up its new and advanced place and still, professionally catering to hundreds of hungry stomachs. Cannot help but love her, she’s securing the bag as she should!!!!


Creating, Building and maintaining a successful smock fashion brand can be incredibly daunting but not in the words of the gorgeous Getty Kwalijam who is a living testament of creating exquisitely chic, ready to wear and custom smock designs for fashion enthusiasts and people who just want to look their best.

In her a rather unique eye for the appreciation of the northern kente fabric and in her bid to take the northern smock fashion to the next level; she birthed SMOCKY WORLD ENTERPRISE and has even earned a national recognition running it from a professional stand point. Unapologetically Living true to her purpose in banking and business, she’s succeeded in overseeing Smocky world into a nearly one hundred percent delivering clothing brand that has gone on to greater heights, fetching her numerous awards and consequently has other accolades knocking at her door front. She’s multifaceted, a mover, a shaker, a pace setter and doesn’t adhere to the status quo. Gertrude Kwalijam is already a trail blazer!!!!!

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As an entrepreneur, males and females inclusive in order to be somewhere near succeeding in this unstable and fickle economy, you need to possess a conglomerate of passions, visions, common sense, astute, technical- know how, networks et cetera … And for these women, the sky is not the limit, it’s their starting point. Stereotypes against females are no longer an excuse to not be more than average, and its okay for Women to be asking for more and dreaming big. Safe to say both male and women are taking their rightful places in the sphere of start -ups. They are leaving their foot prints in the sands of time and thanks to the foundation laid by these women and others, we are all following suit. It is a toast of cheers to all Wonder women.

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