Terms Of Service

We thought it would be better if we gave you a full understanding of how we operate. Knowing our terms and conditions would better inform you about zaabuni.com and its related services. These terms and conditions are applicable to visitors with or without an account with zaabuni.com. You should know that we put your safety and security first.


a. “You“, “Your” refer to users and visitors of zaabuni.com. It may also refer generically to anyone who finds or uses information from our     website. “We“, “Us“,”Our” are used in reference to zaabuni as a service provider. These terms may also refer to all other sub services of   zaabuni.com. 

b. Pictures, videos, banners, text, audio, slideshows and graphs shall be collectively refered to as “Content“. Confirmation emails and other correspondences emanating from zaabuni.com shall also qualify under the same reference.

c. “Subscribers” shall only refer to user who have a registered account with zaabuni.com. An account shall only be created by way of subscription.