Three Reasons Why Just Having A Facebook Page Is Not Enough

Three Reasons Why Just Having A Facebook Page Is Not Enough

Recently just launched your business? Or better yet you have already been in existence and unsurprisingly you have a Facebook page for it, Thus the norm these days. Lots of businesses are already riding on that bandwagon. Surprisingly however, most of these fully fledged businesses out there have just a Facebook account in the internet world, and that’s all about their internet presence. How often they post, how many followers they have? how many visitors they have converted into customers? Non of these really matter!

With the start of the new decade, competition is already insanely fierce; things are moving at an incredibly swift pace, there’s no waiting for nobody… and if you indeed mean business like the word itself ‘business’ , then you simply can’t just be sitting while others are taking off!! Without flinching, It has gravely dawned on businesses (startups and successful ones all inclusive) to stay ahead of the race by all means necessary.

To take your business off the ground and sky rocket….!!! It is important to harness all social media outlets and other innovative techniques beyond just a face book page. In this regard, I have put together some reasons “why merely having a face book page isn’t enough for your business”. So let’s dig into it!!!

Not everyone can see you( Limited Visibility)

Truly face book is super huge, massive and all that 2.375 billion user’s big deal, yet still not everyone is into. Even after all this while, Billions of people still don’t have access to it. Don’t believe the hype it’s a world of 7 .5 billion people, Bothered to ask yourself how many of them truly have access to your brand? Wouldn’t you want your business to reach out to the whole wide world? Absolutely affirmative! Not everyone can make it on there; however it is your responsibility as a marketer to shove your businesses in the faces of the masses, targeting everyone. You may never know where your next big gig would spring up from? Daring to turn your business into a multinational cooperation, you’d need more than Facebook page to get above the noise.

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You have a Facebook page, but have you structured your page well enough to look standard or professional? Most businesses simply upload anything and everything without aligning the content with the intent of having the page in the first place. Bad resolution pictures, incomplete sentences in posts and in worst case scenarios, an incomplete page info are but a few of the reasons why you have a page and yet nobody is noticing you. The question is, does it meet the standard? This has now become the yardstick for measuring the authenticity of business for many people, they test your credibility by checking you out on Facebook.

Bad Picture Quality

Facebook’s compression algorithms put a cap on the size of images that can be uploaded, and for each purpose; post, cover and profile picture, there is a standard size it needs to meet. This in effect comes down to affect the resolution; pixel per sq. inch loosely referred to as picture quality. Hence if your business relies on the quality of pictures you upload, then you are likely not to impress your visitors. And that is a bounce-off for many.

When you are shooting for the stars, you fire strongly from all angles!! Having just a Facebook page is way underneath the aspirations you have for your business, basically no useful content is made up there for your customer’s There’s no room for relevant content and with Scanty content to serve online users bogging down to just your name, business location , reviews and a few photographs . As a business splurging up you have to be relentless in your delivery. Remember Content is King and it will always be. It would be a stroke of genius to distribute your content across all reliable platforms without second guessing.

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To be clear, having a Facebook page for your business is not bad in its sense, it is insufficient!!!Don’t be that guy who keeps all the eggs in one basket! List your business on a listing platform such as or hand over your social media accounts to a digital marketing company such as Zaabuni Digital Media.

Better still, if it is something you can professionally do, then go ahead and add an Instagram account for your business as well as a twitter account if your need to frequently reach-out to your customers.You’d be lucky if Facebook pushes your business like you would want it to, . If you already have the account opened for your business, congratulations but don’t Hang on to just that. Do more on other online sites! Don’t be misled, even all that is not enough to build a successful business but a word to the wise is definitely enough!!!

By Anita Atayure, Zaabuni Digital Media

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